Clearance Information

ACT 114 – FBI Clearance

Register with Cogent through the above site. Make sure you register for the Department of Education FBI Clearance. Take your receipt and a valid photo id to a fingerprinting site. Please call the site first to make sure they are still open. Once you have register and had your prints scanned, please return your registration id number(PAE number) to Melissa Holben, Payroll Benefits Manager

ACT 34 – Pennsylvania Criminal History Check

(Please use the website for this clearance not the printed form)

Go to “New Record” and follow the instructions through to the certification page. Once the search results table appears, click on the control number. (Hint: Write down the control number for future reference.) The record check details page is opened. Click on the certification page to access your official clearance. The record check details page is only a receipt and not an acceptable ‘clearance’. Print 2 certification pages, one for you and one for your personnel file.

ACT 151 – Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance

(Please use the website for this clearance not the printed form)

Note: Effective Decemeber, 31, 2014 an electronic form will be available to apply for your Child Abuse Clearance online.

ACT 168 – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release

(Please use the form below for this disclosure.)

  • Complete this form for your current employer whether you have direct contact with children or not with this employer
  • Also complete this form for any previous employer in which you had direct contact with children. If you did not have direct contact with children, the previous employer would not be included.
  • Turn these forms in with your completed employment packet and the school district will forward them to the employers for completion.

   Act 168 – Sexual Misconduct-Abuse Disclosure Release rev 9-2016