Mission Statement

The Clarion-Limestone School Community is committed to providing students with a quality education in preparation for success in a diverse world.


In 1935 the construction of Clarion-Limestone was off to a great start. The summer of 1936 brought to the area a new High School for the surrounding area. The very first year consisted of eight teachers, four grades (9-12) just over one hundred students, and only two sports teams. Now in the school year of present day the High School consists of thirty-seven teachers, six grades (7-12), over five hundred students and, over fifteen sports teams. The Clarion-Limestone High School was consolidated on October 1, 1936, to join together the students attending the surrounding schools into one larger school. This school was called Clarion-Limestone School.The students that attended this school the very first year were from Clarion School, Strattanville School, Corsica School, Hawthorn School, and Brookville School. The very first building was built and then opened for the 1936 school year. The Clarion-Limestone Elementary school was built to expand the Clarion-Limestone School to not only one building but two. This separated the students into two different levels of schooling, high school and elementary school.

Facts and Figures

View Clarion-Limestone’s School Performance Profile here. Please click on the school or schools you are interested in. Clarion-Limestone is a two tier district with instruction organized into an elementary division and high school division. Curriculum design has been aligned with K-12 configurations. The elementary school houses grades K-6 with the high school housing grades 7-12.